March 18th, 2018

What to Wear for Engagement Photos : 7 tips to help you nail your engagement look

Congratulations! You’re ENGAGED! You’ve probably hired a wedding photographer and scheduled a date for your Engagement photos. And then you probably went on Pinterest searching ” Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas ” Well I’m here to make this easy for you!

What better person to ask, than a photographer who sees things from behind the lens. Through out the years, I have learned all of the tips and tricks to choosing the perfect outfit to nail your session! So here are my favorite 7 Tips to choosing the perfect outfit!


Light colored clothing always photographs better than darker clothing! That doesn’t mean you can’t wear black or dark colors to your session. I’m just saying lighter colors reflect more light onto your skin and photographs nicely! So consider neutral tones, pastel colors or cool hues. And you can always add a pop of color with your accessories! ( You can’t go wrong with a flowy white or cream colored dress! )


Solid neutrals photographs better than prints. Prints, patterns and graphics can be somewhat distracting in photos. But it doesn’t mean ALL patterns are bad. Just remember, the larger the pattern, the better. Take plaid for example. The smaller checkered print plaid appears much busier in photos than large print plaid. Same rule applies when it comes to florals and stripes. The larger the floral print, the better! So if one of you decides to wear a print, I would recommend the other to wear a solid neutral to balance each other out! 


Wear colors that complement each other instead of the “matchy matchy” look. Avoid both wearing the same color top to bottom. For example : Both wearing denim bottoms with a white colored top. Mix it up!


There are many different ways to add some personality into your Engagement photos. Have fun with some accessories! It can be anything from a hat, a statement jewelry piece, or a bold lipstick color. Layers and textures are your friends! Layering different pieces and mixing in textures are always a great way to accessorize your outfit!


Always wanted to get your hair and makeup professionally done? Here’s your moment! I can’t think of a better time to feel extra special and dolled up than taking pictures with your fiancé! Ever try fake eyelashes? Go for it! It makes all the difference in those pretty close up photos! Even consider getting a manicure to show off that new ring bling! And if you really want to stand out, “borrow” a jaw dropping dress from an online rental website like Rent The Runway or Le Tote ! 


Want to add a little something to you session!? Let’s treat your session like a Styled Shoot! A styled shoot is where we incorporate a few more vendors, props and creatives into the mix. It adds a little more flare to just the basic photoshoot. Examples can include : Adding a mini bouquet ( this one is my favorite! I have a lot of florist friends that I would love to recommend ) , adding an invitation suite or your save the date card, a ring box and ribbon for some pretty ring shots,  a cozy picnic display with your favorite wine and cheese platter, incorporating a bicycle/car/motorcycle into your photos, a basket full of wildflowers, etc. The list can go on. But if you’re interested, let’s make it extra unique and special!

7.) BE YOU!

This is the most important tip! Be true to yourself and make this a fun experience! Wear something that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable! If you know you look and feel great in a certain color, wear that color! If wearing heels makes your feel more confident, rock them! Just be true to you!

Okay…So now you know the tips to picking the perfect outfits. And you might be thinking…” Well hopefully I don’t look awkward behind that camera!” Don’t you worry about a thing! I got you boo! Yes, I will tell you what to do with your hands. Yes, I will adjust your arms or legs into a more flattering pose. Yes, I will make your fiancé feel comfortable even if he dislikes taking photos. Yes, I will pose you in a way that feels natural and not too “posy” or staged. Yes, I will make you both look GOOOD!

Have any other questions? What’s my favorite online dress shops!? When can I schedule my Engagement Session with you? Just shoot me an email at

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