March 18th, 2018

University of Virginia Photoshoot : Neil & Bri

Meet Neil and Bri! My husband and I met them when they moved here to North Carolina for a job position. We instantly became good friends with them! Our weekends consisted of competitive game nights ( especially if it was Ticket to Ride ), random adventures and that one time they dragged me to go camping with them.

When I discovered how beautiful the University of Virginia was, I knew I HAD to do a photoshoot there one day. So when Neil and Bri eventually moved out to Charlottesville, Virginia, they were the perfect couple to ask! And it was so good hanging out with them again.

Neil and Bri have the sweetest love. And Neil definitely gets bonus points for agreeing to our crazy ideas of getting super fancy on a cool March evening for photos. But they did awesome! Half of the time I didn’t even have to tell them what to do. Some of my favorite photos were them interacting with each other without them knowing I was taking photos.

It was my honor to photograph this special time for them! Because who doesn’t want to get dressed up and take pictures during sunset on UVA’s European inspired terrace? Thank you Neil and Bri for being my models. Love you both and I appreciate your friendship!

My favorite moments from their photoshoot were:

The way Bri’s dress moved when the wind caught it.

The fact that I put together a small bouquet to use on the drive to the campus. It was very simple and only had one flower incorporated, but it added an extra touch to the session.

The sun glowing in between the marble columns during sunset. 

Endless dress twirls on the top terrace.

And lastly, Neils interpretation of , ” I want you guys to frolic together down that path. ” I should of been more clear of what a “frolic” looks like! I’m sorry it didn’t make this blog post, but it sure made for a good laugh!

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