Hi there!

My name is Alaina and I'm a wedding photographer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. I'm a wife, believer, animal snuggler, fashion obsessed and a lipstick lover. I'm a strong believer in marriage and the meaning behind it. Each couple is unique and has a special story to share!

In 2014, my husband and I got married on a cool September day in Connecticut. We just celebrated our third year anniversary in the beautiful country of Italy! We love traveling and exploring new places together, relaxing by the coast side of NC, and taking long romantic walks through Target.

Some of my self-indulgences include interior design, samples at Costco, red lipstick, full bowls of popcorn and sappy love movies.

My style is inspired by old world charm and architecture; Timeless and Elegant. My passion is photographing the modern chic couple in love. I want to capture moments that are authentic and feel true to the couple. Moments that will last for generations to come!

Photo By Ally & Bobby